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Exciting changes are coming in 2019! We are in the proces of preparing the new All Access Pass, expanding the certification program beyond just Wireshark, putting out new books, offering live online classes with Laura Chappell, and sending Laura to speak at some new conferences! Sign up for the Newsletter to be alerted to release dates of all these cool projects!

100 Wireshark Tips

View the Wireshark 101 Course Contents document.


100 Wireshark Tips

Download a PDF containing the 100 Wireshark Tips that Laura tweeted through @laurachappell.
100 Wireshark Tips [PDF]


Wireshark Certification

The Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) Program will undergo some changes in 2019. Sign up for the Newsletter for details on the upcoming changes. Changes will be announced in Q1 2019. This certification program aims to verify competency in using Wireshark for network analysis, troubleshooting and basic network forensics,

Download the latest Wireshark Certification Info Pack to learn which topics are covered on the Exam.

The WCNA Exam is offered through Webassessor. The WCNA certification program was created by and is managed by Protocol Analysis Institute, Inc.

Visit the new Online Portal for All Access Pass members.

The new online portal offers training anywhere and anytime and includes course certificates, course exams for Core 1 and Core 2 courses, student gradebooks, chat rooms, non-linear learning paths, course tracking and more. The new Online Portal is designed to get you up to speed fast on network analysis, network troubleshooting, TCP/IP communications, network forensics and more.

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news November 19, 2018

Wireshark Workbook 1 in Editing

Laura has written a new book entitled Wireshark Workbook 1. This book contains labs, challenges, solutions and insider tips for analyzing and interpreting network traffic. Join the Newsletter to receive an advance alert of the release date!